20 business or startup idea to start with low budget in 2017

I want to start my business, but I do not have enough money to start my business. What should I do? 

If low budget is also your reason that stops you from starting your business in 2017 then no need to worry. In this post we are here to tell you about 20 ideas that you will start with less or you can say with no money depending upon your skills and interest.
low cost business ideas 2017

List of 20 ideas to start your business with low budget in 2017.

1)   Photographer:

 If you are passionate about clicking photos and want to make your hobby as a career then this profession is best for you in 2017. For this you just need to have a good camera. You can earn a good amount of money by selling your photos.

      2) Personal tutor or trainer: 

      If you have good knowledge about a particular topic and have good teaching skills then I think this idea is best for you because this idea don't require any investment and the most important thing is that you don't have to face any recession period in this. Because education remains the primary need for everyone. 

       3) Wedding planner:

       Today this profession is in great demand. Because marriage is a very big day of everyone's life and all of us wanted to make this day special so here comes the role of wedding planner that make there's  wedding day the special day.

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           4) Content writer:

content writer


        If writing is your hobby, then you should think of becoming a content writer. But you need to give your best in this area because content creation is an art and to earn good you need to be a good in your area. 

       5) Website:

       Website is one the best way to earn because in this business, from website you earn 24*7 .Today there are many websites in the web that are earning in lakhs or crore per month.

  6) Tiffin service: 

If you are passionate about cooking and can cook delicious food, then I think you can make cooking as your profession by starting your tiffin service business because today there are many students that are not satisfied by their mess food and are in a search of one who can provide them good food at a reasonable rate. 

7) Career counseling:

  Career counseling is one of the trending professions as today, many of the youngsters are confused about their career. For this you just need to do a good research on every career option.

      8) Logo designer:

       If you are interested in drawing and have a good skill in designing software then logo designing is a good way to earn. For this you have to design creative and unique logos for their companies and in return you will be getting money depending upon your skills.

       9) YouTube channel:  

you tube channel
You Tube channel


       Today, you tube channel is one of the best way to earn online. You can create a YOUTUBE channel on any topic in which you have a good knowledge. E.g. if you are good at cooking start a cooking channel or if you have good knowledge about website designing then you can help others to learn about website designing with the help of your channel.

      10) Dance classes:

      Today there are many people that are passionate about dancing and want to learn various forms of dance so if you have good dancing skills then you should help them in learning.


1     11)Free lancing : 


       Whether if you’re a writer or web developer freelancing is a good business idea which just requires talent, laptop and a good internet connection. And the most important thing is that there are many opportunities in this sector.

      12)Product delivery service:

       With the increase of online business the demand of good service, delivery companies has also increased. You can choose a particular location in which you are comfortable to deliver the product. 

      13 Interior designers:

9      If you have skills of interior designing then believe me, you have a very good way to earn because today every company and every homeowner want to make their place look best and comfortable. 

      14)Tour guide:

      If you know about your area or any particular area, then you can work as a guide and charge tourists for helping them in knowing about that city.

      15)Affiliate marketing:

affilate marketing
Affiliate marketing


1        If you have a blog with a good amount of daily visitors then affiliate marketing is the best way for you to earn. In affiliate marketing you are given a special link of any particular product that you have to place in your website and if any visitor make a purchase by clicking on that link then you will be given a commission on that

      16)Mobile repairing:

       With the increasing demand of smartphones this sector is also earning a good amount of money. For this you just need to have good knowledge of how to repair the smartphones.

1     17)Dog trainer:

       Today with the increase of interest of people towards pets. A dog or you can say pet trainer business can be a huge profitable business that requires less investment.



      18)food stall:

food stall
Food stall


       This type of business can be started by less investment and in return you can easily earn a good amount of money, but you need to take care about the quality of your food.

1     19)Giving music lessons:

       If you have a good knowledge of playing musical instruments like guitar, piano then you can earn through this by giving classes to another.

      20) Yoga Instructor:

       Now a days people are becoming more concerned about their health so if you have a good knowledge of yoga ten I think you can earn a good amount by giving classes to others 

i     If you think I missed any idea then please share it with us for our visitors by commenting in the comment box.