[step by step] Patanjali Distributorship Procedure and how to get it.

 Procedure to apply for Patanjali distributorship/franchise:

 If you are interested in Patanjali products and are searching for “PROCEDURE  FOR PATANJALI DISTRIBUTORSHIP’ then I think you  are at the right place.

In this post you  will get all information that you need to open a Patanjali store to buy Patanjali franchise/agency/distributorship.
The main highlights of this post are:

  • About Patanjali

  • Patanjali product category

  • Requirement list for Patanjali franchise

  • Procedure for Patanjali agency/dealership/distributorship

  • Reasons why you should go for Patanjali franchise

About patanjali

 Patanjali Ayurvedic  Limited is an Indian Fast Moving Consumer Good(FMCG)  company founded in 2006 by Yog Guru Baba  Ramdev along with  Acharya Balkrishnan . It is one of the fastest growing brand/company, with a turnover of around 5000 crores in 2015-16. It's manufacturing unit and headquarter is located in Haridwar while its registered office is located in Delhi, India. Baba Ramdev has stated in interview that profit of Patanjali goes to charity

Patanjali ayurved sells through nearly 4700 retails outlet and the numbers are increasing day by day. Patanjali also sells its product online and is planning to open its stores at railway stations and airport. Patanjali has also tied up with future group, as per tie up all Patanjali products will also be available on future group outlet’
Before coming to the procedure for Patanjali Distributorship take a look at Patanjali product categories and things required to open the patanjali store



GROCERY: It include tea , biscuits, jam chocolates noodles flour oil rice pulses and many more.

Medicine: medicines that comes under this list are ayurvedic 
Personal care: in this category you will get products like toothpaste, face wash, shampoo , soaps etc.
Home care: It includes incense sticks, dish wash bar and herbal gulal.

Books: Patanjali also sells books, CD’s and DVDs for spreading awareness of yoga .
And many more……..

Requirement list for patanjali franchise

Patanjali franchise is dvided into various sections:
 Agogya Kendra Patanjali Chiktisalya Mega Store, Distributor and Mega Distributor: For  Agogya Kendra i.e small store you should have a minimum budget of 3-5 lacs and mimimum location between such rhese stores will be around 2-4 km. For chikitsalaya it should be open near the resident area, and money required would be around 8-12 lacs. Chikitsalaya do required a doctor with clinic and for mega store the shop cost would be around 10-15 lacs.


Procedure to apply for patanjali distributorship:


To apply to Patanjali distributorship you have to fill the application form of Patanjali Distributorship which include your personal details like: Name of applicant, Name of company Address of company, level at which you want to become distributor i.e. district, tehsil or mandi level you have to select the category among these given categories. And other details like your e-mail address, your last year turnover your budget etc. then from your provided details patanjali will decide whether you are suitable for patanjali distributorship or not.


  • Open patanjali ayurvedic  website www.patanjaliayurvedic.org 
  • Then find the link to download  patanjali distributorship form. 
  • Then click on download the application form, the form is available in both Hindi and English language you have to select your desired language as per your convenience.
  • Then after filling up the form and attaching the required documents if asked, you have to send your form to abhuydaivibhag@patanjaliayurved.org
You can also contact patanjali ayurvedic limited here:

Contact details of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd
Patanjali Food & Herbal Park,
Village - Padartha, P.O.- Dhanpura, Laksar Road, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.
Pin code - 249404
Phone – 01334-240008

Some reasons why you should go for Patanjali Distributorship

 Promotion: One of the main reason to buy it;s distributorship is that it has been promoted by Yog Guru Baba Ramdev. 

Brand: It is limited is one of the fastest growing brands in India with a turnover of around 5000 crore in 2015-16

Trust: Today, it has become one of the  most trusted brand in India.

Demand:it's products have been in great demand in India.

Price: Cost of patanjali products are less then it's competitor's cost. 


Profit margin: Profit margin is around 15-20% to distributors.

Turnover: Retailers told CLSA that their average gross turnover is Rs 25,000 every day.

So from the points I discussed above, like brand trust, profit margin, demand. I don’t thinks that there is any reason to not go for it's franchise/distributorship.